About UC Berkeley Business Cards E-Platform

3:SecCard is a group of UC Berkeley students who believe in the power of Green design.


Most of business cards are not PVC-free (Polyvinyl Chloride) due to waterproof coating or painting ink. Every year global cards manufactures produce tens of billions of cards that are used once or twice and then thrown away. Together these waste cards would add up to more than 50 tons of plastic waste to our landfill or incinerators. The equivalent weight is more than 100 Airbus A380 double deck passenger jets. Plastic cards like plastic bags, bottles and toys, are made from nonrenewable fossil fuel, scientist have proven that the toxic chemical from plastic are carcinogenic, polluting our environment, clogging our waterways, killing our wildlife, and even making people who exposed to them ill. 3:SecCard believe that a plastic business card, which is only 5 gram, will be not a small thing when multiplied by billions.


Our vision is simple but profound: “Design green; design well”.


We expect switching plastic cards to sustainable wood cards will reduce carbon emission footprint by 50%. Our vision is simple but profound: “Design green; design well”.